With over fifteen years of experience in innovative education, Michal is first and foremost a teacher. The kind of teacher that loves your questions! As a resident at Fern Valley Natural Health, she is delighted to partner with individuals and families to provide empowering care that aligns with your values and supports your goals in life. In addition to general primary care, she is drawn to integrative oncology and care for caregivers, which developed out of supporting a loved one through the labyrinth of cancer treatment. 
Outside of her clinical work at Fern Valley, Michal attempts to follow the same treatment plan she often recommends to her patients: practices of mindfulness, gratitude, rest and community service. She also enjoys leading workshops on wellness through Jewish spirituality, engaging in cultural exchange, building community and expressing herself as a singer-songwriter.

The daughter of a medical doctor, Michal assumed from an early age that she would never go into medicine. But while studying International Development at McGill University, a seminar in Health, Social Justice and Democracy inspired her to consider the importance of high-quality, accessible primary care as a human rights issue. Another seminar in the Social History of Medicine illuminated the diversity of delivering healthcare and sparked an interest in pursuing an unconventional approach to wellness. It was around this time that she first heard about naturopathic medicine and was excited to learn about doctors who are trained to treat the whole person and the root cause of illness. Over the next few years, a foundational yoga teacher training in Philadelphia led to a yoga therapy training in Montreal, which inevitably led to a naturopathic medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle.

Dr. Michal Waldfogel, ND