using yoga, other movement modalities and breath work to help his students to address pain and dysfunction, as well as to develop deeper relationships with their bodies.  He has taught a variety of movement and breathing classes and workshops in the Seattle area, and loves to teach.   

Though Lance’s primary role at Fern Valley is as a family medicine physician, his special interests include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, neurology, orthopedics and sports medicine, functional movement and breath training.  He is board certified in biofeedback and mind body medicine, and loves incorporating movement, exercise and breathing into his work with patients of all ages when it’s appropriate.   

In addition to managing patients with acute and chronic illness, his goal as a physician is to help people of all ages develop and integrate healthy foundational patterns of movement, diet and lifestyle into their lives, which he believes are important components to being and staying well.

In his free time, he loves hiking in the mountains and globetrotting, playing the piano, practicing yoga and exploring movement, and spending quality time with his fiancé and their dog, Chad.  He believes that living a personally enriching life is an essential element to his ability to be the best doctor he can be.

Lance is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, and East Asian medicine practitioner pursuing his residency at Fern Valley Natural Health.  He graduated from Bastyr University with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine in addition to a masters degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Before embarking on his journey to become a physician, Lance completed a double bachelors degree in classical piano performance and Latin American Studies at Oberlin College and Conservatory.  Since the beginning of his undergraduate education, Lance has also been practicing professionally as a yoga teacher and therapist,

Dr. Lance Westendarp, ND, LAc/EAMP, BCB, E-RYT200