Dr. Kimani Borland ND

Born and raised in Jamaica with research and living experience in Ethiopia and Tanzania, Dr. Kimani observed diverse cultural approaches to medicine all around the world. She honed in on her interests by earning a Bachelor of Arts in International Public Health from Stanford University in 2010, which also included elective alternative medicine courses. She later completed two yoga teacher trainings (Vinyasa Flow and Kemetic [ancient Egyptian] Yoga) in Jamaica. 

Dr. Kimani eventually found her home in naturopathic medicine which so gracefully fuses the global healing arts and philosophies with science and conventional medical care. She earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2018. Her clinical interests include all aspects of primary care, prevention, and wellbeing using herbs, nutrition, craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy and lifestyle and perspective shifts.  She has a particular love for women’s health, cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention, digestive health and stress management. 

Dr. Kimani has a gentle and kind 10-year-old son, a bold and bossy 2-year-old son and a musical and energetic Jamaican husband who all keep her busy and happy outside of her professional life, which she deeply treasures. She loves to write, study, teach, practice yoga and go (or dream of going!) to sunny, hot beaches.

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