Dr. Kellie Moore ND

Kellie is a resident naturopathic physician at Fern Valley Natural Health, with a focus on chronic disease management. Although she has always been interested in health, her decision to pursue a career in medicine was sparked by motherhood. While exploring conventional healthcare options for her young boys she became increasingly interested in seeking out more holistic strategies that would address the root causes of their symptoms and prevent additional ones from developing. It was this search that lead her to naturopathic medicine.

Kellie completed her naturopathic medical degree in 2018 at Bastyr University. She has additional training in environmental medicine from Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND, and in functional and integrative medicine from Dr. Aviva Romm, MD. Prior to studying medicine, Kellie completed a Master’s degree at Texas A&M University with a focus on natural resource conservation. She is also a registered yoga instructor with training in vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga.

As both patient and practitioner, Kellie has been inspired by the profound shifts in health that can result from providing the body with what it needs to achieve balance, and by removing or minimizing obstacles towards that goal. As a physician specializing in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease, she aims to guide and support patients as they piece together their personal health puzzles, and make educated decisions on next best steps. She always starts with the foundations of good health: nourishment, movement, mindfulness and sleep. In cases where deeper interventions are needed, her go-to tools include nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, yoga, hydrotherapy and homeopathy. She’s also licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications and incorporates them when necessary.

Kellie lived her teenage years in Brazil and has since spent time working and studying in Latin America. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish and has used medical Spanish to serve non-English speaking immigrants in Seattle, as well as an island community in Nicaragua with Natural Doctors International. Kellie’s husband is from England and together they are raising four children - two sons who were born at home in Texas, and two daughters adopted from Brazil. Despite, or perhaps because of, their diverse origins, everyone in the family loves living in the Pacific Northwest. Having been here for over six years now, it is the longest that Kellie has ever lived in one place, and she is happy to call it home.